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Tusday 22nd September

Stahmann Farms Processing Plant

The Australian tree nut industry is rapidly expanding as consumers become more aware of the health advantages of including nuts in the diet. By 2020, it is expected this industry will be worth close to $1 billion at the farm gate and $750 million per annum in exports. Stahmann Farms pecan plantation, “Trawalla” near Moree, was established in the late 1960’s by Deane Stahmann Jnr. The Toowoomba Processing Plant was built in 1982. This plant now shells upwards of 10,000 tonnes of pecans and macadamias per year. However the processing extends well beyond the simple shelling of nuts thanks to a state of the art value-adding department which can dice, screen, roast, flavour and package nut kernel. Stahmann Farms has two brands of nut products found in major Australian retailers: Riverside All Australian, and Ducks Nuts. These brands supply pecans, macadamias, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts as well as a fruit and nut mix. The company also provides private label packaging for the major retail players both domestically and internationally. Since building the factory, the company has become Australia’s largest marketer of pecans and a major processor and marketer of macadamias around the world.

University of Southern Queensland Future Farm Demonstration

The University of Southern Queensland is recognised for its research in agriculture and climate science applications, which tackle national and global challenges affecting agriculture, natural resource management. The National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture (NCEA) is a world class research facility renowned for its pioneering research in irrigation, water use efficiency, precision agriculture, farm mechanisation, development of profitable and resilient production systems that optimise inputs of labour, energy and water, and applied natural resource management. The NCEA is focused on developing intelligent and autonomous farming systems for direct application by industry.

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